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As the winter seems to drag on for what seems like everrrrrrr, my mind is starting to wander to starting seeds and my farm plan for the season. Seed starting is right around the corner!! These products are almost all ones that I personally use, or have used. They are usually the best prices since I am a big bargain hunter too ;) I haven’t made the leap into soil blocking quite yet, I still have so many plastic trays and pots to reuse. These 72 cell trays will last you a long time if treated properly. I like to use a solid (non perforated) tray underneath to ensure the soil remains damp during germination and then again for watering as the plants grow and are almost ready to be planted outside. Soil for starting your seeds is available locally for most growers. If you are unable to find a quality seed starting mix, you can get a bale of peat, some perlite, and compost to mix together to create your perfect blend. To set up the growing area, you will want a heat mat, some grow lights , and if you have a larger area, a thermostat like this one is great for keeping you room nice and toasty for your little babes. I have not personally tried this wifi unit , but it looks great and I do love the classic units I already have. I use a pump sprayer as well as a watering can to water the seedlings. I like to mimic a gentle rain with the sprayer and generally bottom water with the can. Additionally, an oscillating fan will simulate a gentle outdoor breeze, keeping your plants nice and strong. What other tools are must haves for your seed starting? Let me know below!​

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