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Farm Fresh Eggs

Nestled in the heart of Stevensville, Full Bushel Farm stands as a testament to the purity and excellence of farm-fresh produce. Our farm is not just a place where eggs are collected, but a place where chickens and ducks roam freely, basking in the sunshine and pecking at naturally available food. At Full Bushel Farm, we pride ourselves on our steadfast commitment to hormone-free raising practices, ensuring that every egg you purchase is as natural as it gets.

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Farm fresh eggs have long been celebrated for their superior taste and nutritional value. Unlike their store-bought counterparts, eggs from Full Bushel Farm are laid by hens that enjoy a natural lifestyle, free from the confines of cages and the artificiality of hormones. This difference in raising practices translates directly to the quality of the egg, both in terms of shell strength and the vibrancy of the yolk.

Our hens and ducks live in a stress-free environment, foraging for their own food across our vast, pesticide-free fields. This hormone-free approach not only supports their health and happiness but also enhances the nutritional content of their eggs. Full Bushel Farm's eggs are a testament to our belief that good food comes from happy animals.

Locally-sourced, farm-fresh eggs from Full Bushel Farm are packed with essential nutrients, including high-quality proteins, vitamins, and minerals. These eggs play a crucial role in a balanced diet, supporting everything from brain function to healthy skin. For affluent mothers seeking the best for their families, the choice is clear. Our eggs provide the nutritional foundation children need for growth and development, without the concern of hormones or antibiotics.

Choosing between duck and chicken eggs can be a matter of personal preference or nutritional goals. Duck eggs are known for their larger size and higher fat content, making them a favorite for bakers seeking rich, fluffy textures. Chicken eggs, on the other hand, are a staple in households worldwide for their versatility and balanced nutritional profile. At Full Bushel Farm, we offer both, each set of eggs boasting a cleanliness and quality unmatched by grocery store alternatives.

Moms who prioritize the health and well-being of their families find a partner in Full Bushel Farm. Our eggs represent not just a meal, but a commitment to sustainable, healthy living. By choosing our farm-fresh eggs, mothers can ensure their families enjoy the highest quality produce, free from the worries of modern food production.

Our farm-fresh eggs are available directly from Full Bushel Farm in Stevensville. We invite you to visit, see our practices firsthand, and bring home eggs that will transform your meals. Incorporating our eggs into your diet is more than a choice; it's a lifestyle change towards whole, unadulterated food.

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from the countless families and health professionals who have made Full Bushel Farm's eggs a cornerstone of their diet. Their stories of improved health, vitality, and satisfaction are a testament to the benefits of choosing farm-fresh, hormone-free eggs.

- What makes Full Bushel Farm eggs different from store-bought eggs? Other than all the pretty eggshell colors? The big thing is living conditions and feed. The birds here enjoy a corn free, soy free, non gmo feed!

- How can I incorporate farm-fresh eggs into my family's diet? Eggs for breakfast are classic. Try a soft boiled egg in your salad, or baking with duck eggs for added nutrients.

- Are duck eggs better than chicken eggs? This is truly a matter of personal opinion. Duck eggs are harder to peel, so if boiled is your preference then chicken are "better".

- How does Full Bushel Farm ensure the health and happiness of their hens and ducks? Fresh air, sunshine, and digging in the dirt are all things the birds get to enjoy every day!

- Can I visit Full Bushel Farm to see where my eggs come from? Tours available by appointment, but the birds are often wandering around freely on the farm. You can see the pasture from the farmstand.

At Full Bushel Farm, our promise is simple: to provide you and your family with the highest quality, hormone-free, farm-fresh eggs. We believe in sustainable farming, ethical animal treatment, and the health benefits of locally-sourced food. Choose Full Bushel Farm's eggs and take the first step towards a healthier, more conscious lifestyle for your family.

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