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seasonal flowers wrapped in paper, in a wooden crate

Quick Directory of Links

Head over to the Online Farmstand to find everything from "every day arrangements" to logo wear and more!

This opens up google maps. 

When you get to the cul de sac, just keep driving allllllll the way back!

For all the things not in the farmstand, they're all on Amazon! Sometimes you just need that prime shipping. 

Yup, this is totally free. Just sign up and it will be emailed on over to ya!

Interested in wedding flowers? Take a look at the FAQs and fill out this form!

Interested in getting a healy? Here's my referral link! If you have any questions, reach out. .I'm always happy to chat frequency. 

I get almost all of my labels from Moo. The printing is high quality, the products are great, and the prices are very competitive. 

Want to come stay at the farm and work while you're here? LOVE IT!! I got started in Mexico thanks to HelpX and my awesome hosts. 

It's pretty simple. Sign up and save on your first order. Have questions on how to best optimize your stickers? Reach out, I'm always happy to help. 

This is your insider guide to helping you plan your wedding. Full of helpful hints and ideas, and it's completely free!

As an herbalist and bioresonance practitioner, I have an account at Fullscript where you can save 20% off your orders of the best quality supps!


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